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It’s Been A While Since I’ve Seen the Dentist – And That’s Okay!

We’ve heard it all our lives: twice yearly dental visits are essential for our oral health. But while we know this to be true, it’s easy to overlook, to forget to make an appointment or to simply assume that your teeth will be fine if you miss a cleaning or two. And that’s totally understandable! […]

5 Common Myths About Dental Care

As in any field, people’s preconceptions about dental care are often far from the truth. With so much received wisdom being passed down about teeth, it’s hard to know what to believe. Checking with your dentist is the best way to be sure you’re on the right path to good oral hygiene and to leave […]

Root Canals: Understanding the 3 Steps of this Dental Procedure

When most people hear the term root canal, they think of an extremely painful and disagreeable procedure. And while it’s true that understanding how to avoid a root canal in the first place can save you some trouble, the fact is that the procedure is far less unpleasant than it used to be. Understanding how […]

The Top 5 Oral Diseases: What to Know About Periodontal Disease

Everybody knows that it’s important to brush and floss regularly, but what you might not realize is just how harmful the consequences of bad oral hygiene can be. Whether it’s cavities, gingivitis, or more severe periodontal disease, neglecting your daily tooth care regimen can lead to serious consequences that can negatively impact not only your […]

3 Gimmicks That Don’t Actually Lead to Healthy Teeth

When it comes to health trends, humans are always fast to jump on the bandwagon. We are less likely to exercise daily and eat a balanced diet of nutritious foods than we are to follow a gimmicky diet—backed by very little scientific evidence—to lose weight. Likewise, when it comes to healthy teeth (and healthy gums), […]

7 Tips for Reducing Dental Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for people to experience some anxiety before going to the dentist office. However, some people are so anxious about visiting the dentist that they consider canceling their appointment—or they refuse to make an appointment in the first place. The symptoms of dental anxiety can be very troubling: heart palpitations, panic attacks, low […]

The Damage TMJ Can Have On Your Teeth

According to the World Health Organization, there was a 25% increase in anxiety and depression levels across the globe as a result of the pandemic. Even worse, anxiety isn’t just a mental health issue. It can also cause physical symptoms like jaw tension and teeth grinding. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, happens when jaw joints […]

Why Dental Care is Self Care: How A Dental Solution Can Increase Confidence

Study after study proves that mental health and dental health are intrinsically intertwined. If one starts to slip, then so does the other. With that in mind, taking care of your teeth really does mean taking care of your mental health, too. If you’ve struggled to maintain good dental health in the past, then you […]