Don’t Let the Pandemic Keep You Away from the Dentists Office

Dentists office

If you have wondered if it is safe to go to the dentists office during the Coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. COVID-19 has proven to be a highly contagious virus that has infected millions in the United States alone. Fortunately, with the right safety precautions in place, the risk of transmission by going to the dentists office is fairly low. 

A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that dental appointments have one of the best risk-benefit profiles when compared to a wide range of other businesses providing everyday services. Another study released by the ADA reported that there was less than a 1% transmission rate at dentists offices. 

Keep Your Dentist Appointment

Oral health is just as critical as physical health, and so it is important to maintain consistency with dentist appointments—now so more than ever! The pandemic has caused higher-than-average levels of stress, alongside increased mental health issues…which can lead to a decreased emphasis on personal care. People are also staying home more, which can lead to unhealthy eating habits and, ultimately, cavities and other oral health conditions.

Sanitary standards are nothing new to the dental industry. Prior to the pandemic, credible dentists offices upheld an impeccable sanitary environment, and employed the use of PPE. From wearing gloves, masks and protective eye gear, dentists have always made safety an integral component of their job. With COVID-19, they have stepped this up even further, creating environments that rival the sanitation standards of operating rooms—all to keep team members and patients safe and healthy. 

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Here at Temple Family Dentistry, we are also taking steps that go above and beyond to make sure that you and our staff stay safe. We want you to feel comfortable coming into our office to receive the best quality dental care, in order to stay healthy…and have a great smile. After all, smiling is an important way to spread joy in these otherwise uncertain times!

We have been taking extra precautions to sanitize our office: we screen hygienists for COVID-19 regularly, employ the use of face masks and shields for extra protection and have enabled social distancing amongst patients in the waiting room. If you have concerns about coming into our office for treatment, we encourage you to contact us. You will have the opportunity to speak with someone about how we are proactively protecting our patients. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and—of course—smiling.


Temple Family Dentistry is a private dentistry practice that has been servicing the Temple, PA community for several decades. We pride ourselves on making our patients feel at home in our dentist’s office from the moment they walk through our doors. Dr. Dan and his team provide much more than basic dental care. In addition to your bi-annual cleanings, we also offer extractions, root canals, dental implants, dentures, and more, based on your individualized treatment plan. You will never feel like a number here, and we are happy to take the time needed to answer your questions and ensure your satisfaction. For your convenience, we offer flexible hours and accept same-day appointments for dental emergencies.