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Temple Family Dentistry has appointments available immediately for emergency dentistry and urgent dental care needs:

emergency dentistry

Toothache and tooth pain

emergency dentistry Chipped teeth or broken teeth

emergency dentistry Abscess or infection

emergency dentistry Lost dental fillings

emergency dentistry And more

Request an appointment using the form on this page, or by clicking the button below to call our office. Temple Family Dentistry accepts insurance, and offers financing through Care Credit. Se habla Español.

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dentist dan derose

Meet Dr. Dan DeRosa

Dr. Dan DeRosa assumed ownership of Temple Family Dentistry in May 2018. He has worked hard to make this practice his own while continuing to provide the high-quality care that his patients had come to expect over the years. Dr. Dan continues his learning through continuing education courses on topics from oral pathology and root canals, to dental implants and more. Dr. Dan and the entire team at Temple Family Dentistry are passionate about providing quality dental care to families and individuals. Temple Family Dentistry accepts insurance, offers flexible payment plans through CareCredit financing, and in-office membership plans. Se habla Español.