Integrity in Dentistry: 5 Signs of a Trustworthy Dentist

Dictionary with highlighted word "Integrity"In March 2022, dentist Scott Charmoli was convicted of five counts of healthcare fraud, and two counts of making false statements about treatments he had performed. For more than five years, Charmoli had been unnecessarily drilling into his patients’ teeth, deliberately damaging them to drum up more business for himself. His patients, many of whom were living paycheck to paycheck, struggled to come up with the necessary co-payments, while Charmoli increased his yearly earnings to $2.5 million.

This story underscores the importance of integrity in dentistry, and being able to recognize the signs that a dentist is (or isn’t) trustworthy.

The Importance of Integrity

While Scott Charmoli is an extreme example, some dentists follow similarly unscrupulous paths in order to line their pockets. Dentists who perform unnecessary procedures cause their patients needless pain and financial hardships, and leave them feeling helpless. Luckily, most members of the dental profession are not like Charmoli. They perform their work with integrity, and only recommend treatments that are necessary. Still, when deciding on a dentist, the stakes are too high to leave anything to chance.

How to Know If Your Dentist is Trustworthy

When you first visit a new dentist, it’s important to use the initial consultation to determine if they are the right match for you, and if you can count on them to provide service with integrity. Here are five characteristics to look for:

  1. Your dentist makes a point of listening to you. At an initial consultation, your dentist should take the time to get to know you in order to lay the foundations for an ongoing relationship. They should ask you if you have any concerns, and make sure you feel comfortable at all stages of your visit.
  2. They value their staff. A good dentist will show consideration for those people they rely on to perform their job. If a dentist doesn’t treat their staff properly, that same attitude may carry over to their patients.
  3. They keep a clean office. Your dentist should keep a neat and orderly office, with all of their instruments fully sterilized.
  4. They do not try to sell you on unnecessary procedures. While it can be hard for the layperson to determine whether a procedure is truly necessary, a good dentist will present both the pros and cons of a potential procedure, and their staff will help you figure out the potential costs.
  5. They follow up with you. After you undergo a dental procedure, your dentist should follow up with you and make sure that the procedure went well, and that you are well on the road to recovery.

The Choice is Yours

Choosing a dentist is a very important decision. A good dentist should be invested in developing a relationship with you that can last a lifetime. It is essential that you and your family feel comfortable every time you go in to the office, and that you can be sure that your dentist has your best interests in mind.

At Temple Family Dentistry, we take our relationships with our patients extremely seriously, and always carry out our work with integrity. We have excellent client testimonials, and are always transparent in our pricing.

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