Oral Hygiene Tips for Different Age Groups

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is essential for people of all ages, but not everyone should be following the same regimen. Because children’s teeth are still developing, they require a different plan for dental care than do adults. In addition, seniors have a special set of concerns when it comes to dental health. Whatever age you are though, good oral hygiene is a must in order to sustain healthy teeth and gums.

Dental Health for Children

It’s important to start your child on a plan for good oral hygiene from a young age. Even before your baby gets their first tooth, you can begin cleaning their gums with a damp cloth after each feeding. When their teeth begin to come in, you can clean them with a cloth or by using an infant toothbrush. When your child gets a little older, you can introduce toothpaste. For infants, a fluoride-free toothpaste might be preferable.

As soon as your child is old enough, you should teach them how to brush and floss, supervising them until they are old enough to do it on their own. It is also important to feed your kid a balanced diet that is low in sugary foods. Finally, scheduling regular checkups with your dentist is an essential part of dental health for children.

Dental Health for Adults

Once your child has reached the age of about 10, they should have their oral hygiene regimen down pat. But because teenagers are often neglectful, it is important to check in with them and make sure they’re maintained good dental health habits. For most adults, the regular regimen established during their teenage years will continue on into their adulthood. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and scheduling regular checkups are essential parts of dental health for adults.

This regimen is also recommended for seniors, but those over the age of 65 may have additional concerns when it comes to oral hygiene. Many seniors suffer from dry mouth, so staying hydrated or using saliva substitutes can help prevent this uncomfortable situation. In addition, many seniors use dentures and it’s important to ensure that they stay clean. Finally, the risk of oral cancer can increase with age, so scheduling regular screenings are a great way to protect yourself.

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