Post-Op Care for Dentures

After a new complete or partial denture is delivered sometimes you can generate sore spots from the denture rubbing in areas. Sometimes adjustments to the denture are needed. If you notice pain or soreness after denture placement please call the office and we can adjust the denture to maximize comfort. 

Caring for a denture is a little different than teeth. First, dentures should be taken out at night which allows for the gum to breathe and helps stop minor infections or inflammation on the gum. Cleaning a denture can be done with many over the counter cleaners, but most commonly the denture is soaked in a solution and then scrubbed with a denture brush. You do not want to use a tooth brush, the bristles of a tooth brush are too hard and can scratch a denture. Some adhesive can be applied to the denture and it is also recommended to wet the inner surface of the denture before placing.

Call our office at (610) 929-4252 with any questions.