Root Canal Specialist

Root Canal Specialist in Temple, PA

root canal specialistRoot canals can be a very intimidating procedure for patients, and it seems everyone has a horror story about a root canal. While root canals aren’t fun, they are not nearly as painful or scary as people believe.

A root canal is needed when a cavity reaches the nerve causing the nerve to get inflamed or the nerve has died leaving infection where the nerve was. This can lead to a severe toothache and/or swelling. During a root canal the nerve is accessed through the top of the tooth. An “umbrella” or rubber dam is placed over the tooth to keep the area isolated and the nerve and infection within the tooth is removed with small instruments called files. Finally, the root canals are sealed and the procedure is complete.

At Temple Family Dentistry, our root canal specialist proudly uses his files only one time. One of the greatest risks of a root canal is fracture of these files within the canal, sometimes resulting in a tooth needing to be extracted. Using a file only one time ensures that this file is at its strongest, minimizing the risk of fracture.

Check our post-op instructions for root canals.

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