Teeth Scaling & Deep Dental Cleaning

Teeth Scaling & Deep Dental Cleaning in Temple, PA

Teeth Scaling & Deep Dental Cleaning in Temple, PAPeriodontal disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults and this disease is normally asymptomatic. Some patients may notice some bleeding during brushing or flossing, but often may think nothing of this. Therefore, without regular check-ups it is impossible to catch periodontal disease and control it before the loss of a tooth occurs. Individuals with periodontal disease require a more involved cleaning, called teeth scaling, which involves going under the gum to clean build up that has caused bone loss around the tooth. This bone loss is irreversible, but the pocket, or space between the top of the gum and where it attaches to the tooth can heal.

While this may sound intimidating, this deep dental cleaning is performed while being numb, so there is minimal discomfort. After teeth scaling, the gums are less painful and bleed less as they heal. But, with the deeper than normal pockets in the gum with periodontal disease, it is difficult to adequately clean these areas with only brushing and flossing. Therefore, these individuals are recommended to be seen every three months to help maintain optimal tooth and gum health.

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