The Top 5 Oral Diseases: What to Know About Periodontal Disease

periodontal diseaseEverybody knows that it’s important to brush and floss regularly, but what you might not realize is just how harmful the consequences of bad oral hygiene can be. Whether it’s cavities, gingivitis, or more severe periodontal disease, neglecting your daily tooth care regimen can lead to serious consequences that can negatively impact not only your wallet but more importantly your health.

5 Types of Oral Disease

These are five of the most common types of oral disease that Dentists and Oral Hygienists want to warn you about:

1. Cavities.

Cavities are tiny openings or holes that develop on the hard surface of your teeth. One of the most common chronic oral diseases, cavities, is caused by the breakdown of tooth enamel, which is caused by acids located in the plaque that collects on your teeth. Knowing how to prevent cavities can save you a lot of trouble, so it’s important to practice good oral hygiene and avoid sugary foods.

2. Gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the least severe and one of the most common forms of periodontal disease. It is caused by bacteria in the mouth which infect the tissue surrounding the teeth and lead to inflammation. Unlike more aggressive forms of periodontal disease, gingivitis is usually reversible.

3. Chronic and Aggressive Periodontal Disease.

Chronic periodontal disease is most commonly found in people over the age of 45 and results in the progressive destruction of gingival and bone tissue. Aggressive periodontal disease is a more severe form of chronic periodontitis and is characterized by rapid loss of bone tissue and gum attachment. Aggressive periodontitis often requires surgical intervention.

4. Mouth Ulcers.

Mouth ulcers are sores that develop in the soft tissue of your mouth. The exact cause of mouth ulcers is unknown but they are not considered too serious and typically clear on their own.

5. Oral Cancer.

Oral cancer is a relatively common form of cancer, with about 45,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the U.S. Although the survival rate is generally high, men are three times as likely as women to die from this disease.

How to Prevent Cavities and Other Oral Ailments

The easiest way to prevent periodontal disease and cavities is to maintain a regimen of daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to your dentist for cleanings. In addition, avoiding sugary foods and beverages and abstaining from smoking can help protect you against a wide range of oral diseases. 

When it comes to preventing oral cancer, avoiding tobacco of all kinds is the most important step you can take, but there are other important considerations as well. Since the human papillomavirus (HPV), a common sexually transmitted infection, has been known to cause oral cancer as well. Therefore,  practicing safe sex can help protect you from oral cancers.

If you have any further concerns, talking to your dentist about periodontal disease and other oral diseases can help set you on the path to good dental health. At Temple Family Dentistry, we are always happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have about oral diseases.